The Purple Aisle is always looking for exceptional leaders to facilitate at our labs. Our facilitators are accomplished professionals with an aptitude for collaboration and problem solving. They have a passion for social impact and are committed change makers.  

  • Lead rapid problem solving and design thinking experiences

  • Train emerging civic leaders in politics, philanthropy and corporate social responsibility

  • Drive innovation and social impact

  • Job referrals for both public and private sectors

  • Fellowship referrals

  • Publishing and teaching opportunities

  • Opportunities for paid roles in private labs 

  • Opportunities for paid consulting roles with early adopters

Your Role 

Engage lab participants as they complete design sprints and develop their solutions. As a facilitator you role is to ensure that team are managing their time and productivity while also meeting the challenge requirements. You provide best practices, models, tools and data sources to help them create not only innovative but viable solutions.  While facilitators are not tasked with actually solving lab challenges themselves they actively guide teams toward scalable, high impact models with persuasive narratives for early adopters. 


Facilitator Requirements

  • Current or previous role as a mid to senior level professional: 

    • middle or senior-level government employee 

    • corporate manager, director, or executive 

    • think tank fellow 

    • startup executive 

    • nonprofit leader 

    • professor or associate professor  

    • professional consultant 

  • Proven skills in Project Management, Team Building, Time Management, Performance Development and Conflict Resolution 

  • Can commit to at least 3 hours per lab

  • Experience delivering pitches to senior leaders or investors

  • Familiarity with design thinking and innovation 

Become a Facilitator 
  1. Complete the Facilitator Eligibility Form 

  2. The executive team will schedule an interview with you

  3. Selected candidates will receive a welcome packet 

  4. You will be scheduled for an online orientation and training

  5. Based on your availability and qualifications you will be assigned facilitator opportunities at labs in or nearby the city where you live


Facilitators who participate in at least 2 labs are enrolled onto our PAID FACILITATOR ROSTER