Our popups are fun-filled, interactive engagements that we create for communities solve problem together. We teach you design thinking and give you tools to build models. The best part is: you get to pitch your ideas to decision makers who can actually do something with them. 


We have 3 popup experiences:


  • 3 hours of open innovation

  • Trained facilitators

  • Mixer-style, single-day event with refreshments 

  • Timed ideation rounds

  • Peer voting on top solutions 

  • In-person engagement with early adopters


  • Concurrent labs to address different challenges 

  • 6 hours of open innovation

  • Trained Facilitators 

  • Issue brief

  • 2-part online innovation training webinar 

  • 3-minute team pitches

  • Peer voting on top solutions 

  • Online research portal and toolkit 


  • 3-day program

  • Trained Facilitators 

  • Issue dossier and subject matter expert panel 

  • Live innovation training webinar 

  • 5-minute team pitches

  • Pitch competition with early adopter judges’ panel 


We also host popup labs for nonprofits, civic organizations and governments. 


Our lab teams design, produce, and manage private popup labs for a small fee. We provide planning, customized programming and turnkey outreach materials. Our clients use our proven innovation framework and trained facilitators to both address innovation challenges and crowdsource solutions with their constituents. 

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